Riivolution supports modular filesystems in such a way that it is not necessarily limited to using SD cards and USB devices. Using a specially-formatted XML file, Riivolution will use the Wii's wifi to connect to a server and use it like any other filesystem it supports. This means that the patches are streamed over the internet, and instantly up-to-date. It can also be used on a personal level, to allow you to edit files without even restarting the game.

Check out the list of RiiFS servers for a plug-and-play way to play game hacks.

The Network XML Element

A special element in the XML format can be used to direct Riivolution to connect to a server, which means that a SD or USB drive is required to initiate the connection. The element must be contained inside the wiidisc element in a normal Patch XML, and has the following structure:

   <network protocol="riifs" address="" port="1137" />


  • protocol - string - optional - Defaults to "riifs", as that is the only supported network protocol at the time of writing.
  • address - string - required - This is the IP address of the server to connect to.
  • port - integer - optional - This is the network port to connect to; defaults to 1137, which is the default RiiFS port.
  • log - boolean - optional - Defaults to false, will redirect stdout/fwrite over the network when set.