This page hosts XMLs for common games that you can be used to do some game modification testing. They should go directly in the /riivolution folder on your SD card or USB drive.

NOTE: These XMLs do not do anything on their own; you must supply the content for patching. If you are looking for a game hack to just download and play, check out our Hacks page instead. Another quickstart way of using Riivolution is to check out the list of servers you can connect to.

To use these, right-click and save link as.

All Games

Ocarina Codes

This XML package can be used to run your Ocarina codes just as you have been using them with Gecko OS, in /codes/GAMEID.gct. The XML no longer requires you to change GAMEID as it now uses the info from the disc inserted to get the name for the loaded gct.


NOTE: For Super Smash Bros Brawl, many code sets are larger than the default allowed size for Ocarina codes, and will require a special XML to work properly. That's not to say this package doesn't work for Brawl, but large sets like Brawl+ or Brawl- require a specific XML to work.

Redirected Savegames

This XML can be placed on a device to redirect all of your savegames at once. It will store them in the /riivolution/save folder when enabled. It can be used if you wish to play a game and store all your saves on SD/USB rather than on your Wii.


Mario Kart Wii

This XML will load any files made for Mario Kart Wii. Simply place your files in the /mkw folder (ex: SD:/mkw/farm_course.szs).


New Super Mario Bros. Wii

This can be used to try out levels made with the Reggie! Level Editor. Place your levels directly in the /nsmb folder on your SD card. For example, if you wanted to replace the level 1-1, the file on your SD card should be /nsmb/01-01.arc

A tutorial on how to use this with Reggie! can be found here.


Super Smash Bros. Brawl

This can be used to try out stage and character mods, any files to replace go in /ssbb


File Replacement Code Support

For those who already have been using the file replacement codes for Brawl, you can use this XML to seamlessly use your folders that are already set up in /private. Works for all regions.

Note that currently this XML will not replace some files, as they are named differently with the file code than what's on the disc. Textures should work, but you'll find that some files will not.


Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

This XML can be used to try out modifications to Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, such as music replacements. Files should go in /tvc


Super Mario Galaxy

This XML can be used for testing out any stage mods for Super Mario Galaxy in the .arc file format. Files go into /smg.